8 Surprising Small Business Marketing Statistics

Small business marketing is far from static. It is constantly influenced by a variety of factors, from the addition of social platforms to content evolution and competitive enhancements. There are many statistics out there surrounding small businesses and how they are – or perhaps should be – marketing their products and services. But how much of this data matters? How will it influence your marketing efforts in 2017 and beyond?

Here are 8 surprising marketing statistics that could change your small business in 2017.

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The 5 Best Small Business Marketing Tactics to Capture New Leads

There are countless marketing tactics small businesses can use to capture new leads, and the truth is you can read almost anything on the internet telling you what’s “best” for your business. The truth is, your success is entirely dependent on finding the best marketing tactics for your particular business, not generalized approaches for any business.

It’s very difficult to find small business marketing tactics to be both effective and low-cost. Therefore, you need to find the right mix of marketing to get you the results you want. This starts with knowing how to identify YOUR best small business marketing tactics to capture new leads.

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